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STARband Program Information

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If your physician agrees that your baby will benefit from STARband™ treatment, he or she will provide you with a prescription.

When you visit the Cranial Center for your initial evaluation appointment, please bring this written prescription with you.

When you and your baby arrive at Cranial Center for your evaluation appointment, a practitioner will review the physician’s prescription, conduct a thorough evaluation, talk to you about your baby, and discuss the STARband™ treatment program. In most cases, the practitioner will also take clinical photographs and a scan using the STARscanner® laser data acquisition system.

A STARscan® will document your baby’s head shape at the beginning of treatment and will serve as a reference throughout the entire treatment program. If you have insurance that requires prior authorization, you may be asked to schedule a return appointment when the paperwork is complete. Once you decide to proceed with STARband™ treatment, the practitioner will initiate the manufacture for a custom fabricated STARband™ orthosis for your baby.

Your baby will be fit with their STARband™ within two weeks of the scanning date. During the first week you will monitor the baby’s skin, and within about 5 days your baby will progress to wearing the orthosis 23 hours a day. About a week later, you will return to Cranial Center for a check of the fit and to address any questions you may have. After that, visits are usually scheduled every 2-4 weeks depending on how fast your baby is growing. At each appointment the practitioner will check the fit and function of the STARband™, document changes in the head shape, and make any adjustments necessary to direct growth into the flattened areas. Depending on your baby’s age, unique head shape, and response to the orthosis, your follow up appointments may be scheduled more or less frequently than those stated above. You are encouraged to contact Cranial Center immediately if you have concerns about the fit, skin problems, or feel that your baby needs an adjustment before the next scheduled appointment.

Most babies wear a STARband™ for 12-16 weeks if they are between 4 to 7 months of age. Older infants may require a longer treatment program because head growth slows after 10 months. Research indicates that the greatest symmetry can be attained before the baby is 10 months old, although correction is possible in babies up to 18 months. Your baby will wear the STARband™ for 23 hours per day, with one hour off for bathing and cleaning (occasional brief breaks during the day).

STARband™ treatment ends when you, your referring physician, and your Cranial Center practitioner agree that sufficient results have been achieved. Keep in mind that 100% symmetry is not necessary, since some mild asymmetry is considered normal in all individuals.

We work to minimize your paperwork and expense by submitting claims to your insurance company.

Cranial remolding orthoses, such as the STARband™, fall under orthotics and prosthetics, which is typically a sub-section under “Durable Medical Equipment“ (DME) with most insurance plans. Check with your insurance company to determine whether your policy includes this coverage. Some carriers will pay for the orthosis if measurements indicate that the baby’s head has a moderate to severe deformity and your physician writes a letter stating that a STARband™ is medically necessary. This letter may also specify whether the deformity was present at birth and highlight potential problems that might occur if the problem is not treated at this time. These problems may include visual tracking problems, temporal mandibular joint disorders (TMJ), and developmental issues.

With the exception of severe cases, Cranial Center practitioners are able to achieve excellent treatment outcomes for deformational Plagiocephaly patients with a single STARband™. This saves parents and insurance companies the unnecessary expense of second or even third headbands.

Cranial Center is actively working to maximize patient access and minimize families’ out-of-pocket expenses by contracting with major insurance providers.

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