When our twin girls were 4 months old, their Pediatrician told us that we needed to bring them to specialists to evaluate them because he was concerned about their heads being flat in the back. We went to Morristown Memorial Hospital to meet with a special team of doctors who advised us that they should get helmets to correct their “flat heads”. We went to the Cranial Center to have their heads scanned and helmets were ordered. We were told that they would have to wear them anywhere between 3-4 months, depending on how they each progressed. I was very upset and hesitant to have them wear helmets, but my Husband and I are so happy we did, because it really did help both babies heads become more rounded and it only took a total of 3 months for both heads to be perfect. I have to say that it bothered me more than it did the babies. Once the helmets were on them, they didn’t know the difference.

The doctors and office staff were always so helpful and wonderful to deal with. We would recommend the Cranial Center to anybody. ~ Maria

Our daughter (Margaret) was diagnosed with Plagiocephaly at 8 months. The back of her head was very flat on one side and as a result her forehead was protruding on one side. Thanks to Stuart Weiner and STARband, our little girl now has a beautiful, round face and head. We are so grateful! ~ Michelle

All in all, this has been VERY worth it. Now he can go bald as an adult (which I am sure he will!) and won’t have to worry about a crooked head. ~ Kaden’s Mom

I had a tough time choosing between Star Cranial Center and the STARband and Cranial Tech and the Doc Band, but I went with Star Cranial Center for a number of reasons. I would choose the STARband system again without hesitation if I had to make that choice again. ~ Cheryl C.

After two months of wearing the STARband, we were extremely pleased when the neurologist told us that Lucas’ head was corrected, and he no longer needed to wear it. Now at almost eight months old, you would never be able to tell that there was ever a problem with his head. As a pediatric nurse, I am well aware of the benefits of early intervention. As a mother, I understand the concerns parents face in caring for a child with this condition. Thanks to our orthotist and Orthomerica for making our experience a pleasurable one. ~ Elyse Davis

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