Treatment Process

Plagiocephaly Treatment Process

Cranial Center treatment process follows an efficient and proven series of steps performed by a caring and highly trained staff with unparalleled levels of expertise in treating infants with STARband™ cranial remolding orthoses.

Cranial Center will be there for your child from the beginning diagnostic stages through completion and “graduation”, nurturing and facilitating the process. We invite you to ask us about any questions you may have about treatment for your child.

Treatment of Plagiocephaly consists of an intuitive 5 step process. For information on each stage of this treatment view the numbered tabs below.

Evaluation & Diagnosis

The Cranial Center initiates your baby’s treatment process with an evaluation/diagnosis. The object of this first step is to gather detailed information about your child’s head shape which is then analyzed to inform your personalized treatment recommendation.

From this evaluation and resulting data, our licensed orthotists along with your clinician will determine whether treatment is necessary. If treatment is recommended, the measurements taken and age of your child will help determine the projected timeline for the corrective process to be completed.

The evaluation recommendation and proposed treatment process are now complete, laying out a road map to reshaping your child’s future.

STARscanner® Laser Data Acquisition System

Once you have decided to move forward with your child’s treatment we will employ one of our leading edge technological tools in the STARscanner® to create a thorough and accurate 3D model of your child’s head. The STARscanner® was the first laser photographic scanning system to receive clearance from the FDA, and remains the most widely used scanning system in the marketplace utilizing Class 1, eye safe lasers for the purpose of capturing 3D images of an infant’s head.

STARband® Fitting

Following your child’s STARscan® is the fitting of the STARband™. The STARband™ is the most widely used cranial remolding orthosis in the world. During the first appointment, the STARband™ will be sized to your child’s head and customized for a perfect fit. Wear and care instructions and pointers for the STARband™ will be explained during this visit.

STARband® Adjustments

Follow-up visits will occur on a structured timeline, depending on your child’s age and specific condition. During these appointments, precise adjustments will direct the proper and redistributed growth of your child’s head.


During this final appointment, your child will again be measured and documented to assess the final effectiveness of the process. The resulting data is an important and tangible representation of just how far your child has come during the course of treatment and can be helpful for your doctor as well as insurance purposes. Congratulations! You have done your part in shaping the future!


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