Understanding STARband Cranial Helmets: A Guide for Parents

Every parent wants to make informed and effective choices regarding their children’s health. If your pediatrician has mentioned cranial helmets, specifically the STARband helmet, here’s what you need to know about their role in shaping your infant’s future.

The Need for Cranial Helmets

Infants spend a significant amount of time on their backs during the early months of their lives, mainly due to safety guidelines like the Back to Sleep program. Although this positioning is crucial for safety, it can sometimes lead to uneven head shapes. Conditions such as deformational plagiocephaly (often known as flat head syndrome) affect about 20% of babies. These conditions affect appearance and can be a marker for potential developmental delays.

The Role of STARband in Early Cranial Care

The STARband helmet is at the forefront of treating these head-shape irregularities. With over 600,000 infants successfully treated, STARband has become a gold standard in cranial orthotics. The helmet’s design is simple yet effective, offering full coverage, which means full correction with just one orthosis in most cases.

Why Choose STARband?

Pediatrician Recommended: More than 600,000 pediatricians have been prescribed STARband, recognizing its effectiveness in early intervention.

One and Done: Over 98% of infants only require one STARband to correct their head shape, thanks to its superior design and the precise fit it offers.

Advanced Technology: STARband clinicians use the latest scanning technology, including the STARscanner and SmartSoc systems, to ensure perfect fit and optimal treatment outcomes.

Insurance Coverage: Most insurance policies cover the STARband, and orthotic care centers have experienced staff to help with insurance submissions.

Your Path with STARband

Assessment: Early identification of skull deformities is vital. If your baby has signs of head asymmetry after four months despite repositioning efforts, your pediatrician might recommend a consultation with an orthotist such as Stuart Weiner CPO, LPO, Director, at the Cranial Center of New Jersey.

Custom Fitting: Using state-of-the-art scanning technology, a custom STARband is designed to fit your baby’s unique head shape perfectly.

Treatment Plan: Most treatments involve wearing the helmet for about 23 hours daily over several months, with regular adjustments to accommodate your baby’s growth.

Follow-Up: Detailed follow-up ensures the helmet is effective, adjusting as needed to provide the best possible outcome.

Commitment to Excellence

Choosing STARband means connecting with a network of experienced clinicians dedicated to pediatric cranial care. These specialists provide the most appropriate treatment and support your family through the journey, ensuring your little one achieves the best possible results.

For parents navigating the challenges of cranial asymmetry, STARband offers a reliable, proven solution backed by extensive clinical expertise and a deep commitment to quality care. To learn more, contact the Cranial Center of New Jersey at 1-800-685-9116 or info@cranialcenter.com

Remember, early intervention is crucial; with the proper support, your child can continue to grow and develop beautifully.

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